5th edition of Tribal Vanguard festival with stars:Polina Shandarina, Samantha Emanuel, Taisa Jah Surya and Natalia Iwaniec!
Polina Shandarina
1. PollyFusion (2 hours)
For many years Polina has studied tribal and formed her own manner of dancing. Now her style is quite recognizable for most tribal dancers:
– simple and at the same time sophisticated dancing technique
– tribal fusion basic movements mixed with movements of street dancing styles
– positive and bold manner of performance
– total body control along with absolute relaxation
– original music selection
– sudden stops that transform to slowdown
– continual movement through space and interaction with the spectator
– playing speeds and infinite challenge to herself
You have a unique opportunity to experience it all on yourself. All Polina’s secrets in one dance!

2. Hot chocolate (2 hours)
This workshop is devoted to the study of sensuality in dance. Throughout the time we will work on our femininity and sexuality. Let’s gently move on to the practice of related, but not peculiar to our style of movements. Add a little bit of flirting that has nothing to do with vulgarity. We will learn to play with the audience, balancing on the verge of what is permitted and using all our natural charm. Who said tribal and sexuality aren’t compatible? You can not even imagine how our dance can be hot and sweet…
P.S. Please take kneepads to this class. Also you will need socks covering your foot completely, especially insteps.

Samantha Emanuel:
1.Princess Style Sequencing.
ala Tribal Fusion with grace and flair. Rooted in ATS and TF, fused with contemporary movements developed during Sam’s journey through rehab. Coordination, balance, fluidity and strength. Games to inspire creativity for making your own combos. XYZ axis exploration and more to re inspire your dance.
You might need your knee pads for this one. Dress comfortably

2. Bullet proof body for killer technique 2h
Designed for ATS and Tribal Fusion dancers. If you seek solid technique and wish to avoid debilitating pain now and in the future you need to bullet proof your body, ready for the stress and strain involved in the life of a dancer. You will be given tools to build your own autonomous practice using functional range conditioning and strength work. There will be a special focus on the pelvis, spine and shoulder joints as these are areas heavily relied upon by Tribal Style techniques. We will improve internal and external body mapping through balance practice and zero forms inspired by Fighting Monkey Rootless Root.

Fusion staging “Shadows” with Polina:
ATS Staging with Taisa
Gaga workshops:



15:00-18:00-staging rehearsal Polina

10:00-12:00 staging rehearsal Polina

10:00-12:00 staging rehearsal Taisa

10:12:15 Gaga dancers/impro
12:30-14:30 Samantha “Princess Style”
15:00-17:00 Polina shandarina “Hot Chocolate:
10:12:15 Gaga people/choreo
12:30-14:30 Polina Shandarina “Polly Fusion”
15:00-17:00 Samantha Emanuel “Bullet Proof Body for killer technique”

tribal fullpass:
150 € before 30 th of September
160 € after 30th of September
tribal+Gaga Pass
single workshop :
45 € (Samantha, Polina)
Staging Polina:
95 €
Staging ATS with Taisa:
62 €

registration: tribalvanguard@gmail.com


we reply in two working days
booking is confirmed after payment

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